Thursday, June 08, 2006


This is Koma's Plan?

Gaia sent Apocalypse to th' moon, gettin' rid a' him. I have no idea what ended up happenin' ta Dracula. now's here' th' big problem We have ta rebuild th' mansion, again. And Somehow I ended up gettin paired wit' Iceman.

So It was a whole mornin' o' corny jokes. It didn't help that Elixir was behind me dressed like me wit' fake claws. He was doin' these slashin' motions wit his hands I just tired ta ignore him. But Bobby kept saying " I shall call him mini -me! Well in your case I guess you are mini you huh?"

" How does th' term 'Cut ice' sound ta ya bub?" I ask.

" Kinky." he says. What an idiot.

Then this woman walks up.

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" Excuse me ma'am this is private property." Says Drake .

"Don't worry you know me she says Don't they darling?"

Ok who was she callin' darlin'? " I look At Elixir. " Don't look at me !" he says. I look at Bobby.

" What no way man. Last red head I dated was Firestar!"

" Quit being silly Logan my darling." What me? I ain't never seen this person in my life. Iceman is laughin' like crazy , And Elixir says " As your biggest fan I'm just disappointed. "

" Who are ya?" I ask.

" You know me I'm Jean Grey!"

" Um no your not" Says Bobby. " That's Jean over there."

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The woman starts sayin' " I'm scheming this is my scheming voice, They don't know I'm not Jean Grey, I'm too good a replicant soon, I'll get Wolverine alone , and I'll kill him. In The Name of Capitan Koma! "

She said this with us right there. I slash her an robot parts spill out. She blasts me, Then a Huge chunk 'o Ice falls on her. She comes out no longer lookin human but all robot I slash her head off then she explodes, before her head deactivates it says. " Capitan Koma will have his revenge!"

Who's Capitan Koma?

That guy is way out of his league.Denta for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.
ugh.. my eyes
See I said on my comments page that they'd write it to their advantage. But that was cool. Very well done. I laughed sooooo hard.
I'll get you next time Logan. Next Time.
By the way - they're synthoids not replicants. At least get that right cause there's a whole lot more comming.
Poor Logan! Ha!
im rollin on the floor choakin on my laughter!

wolvie ol buddy pop them paws out fer me and gowge out my eyes! ech!
so what does Ana's goffer want
Oh this isn't over Logan. Not by a long shot. Koma's best is yet to come! Bwwahahaha!!
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