Sunday, June 04, 2006


Bye Bye Mags

"Surprised?" I asked starin' at Magneto who just tried to save his robot gal .

"Fool. I can smell that delicious metal of yours from miles away. I think I shall now rip from your body again." He says.

" Try it Bub!" I say knowin' what this will do the moment he turns on his power. He shoots a magnetic blast I fire this gun at him. The weird energy combines with his power suddenly Mags collapses.

" Heh! It works!" I say. " Now the Coup De Gras." Snikt!

" No! No! Keep him away from me!" Magneto screams like a little girl. The Brother hood get between me and him. The other X-men take on the Brother hood Kodiak Fights Blob while Avalanche and Pyro are fightin' Storm Rouge an' Pantha.

I chase Mags giant snakes form around 'im protectin' him. " Nice try Mastermind. But illusions don't have a scent." Erik keeps runnin' I just stalk after 'im slowly let'im feel the fear. Mystique runs at me we fight a little bit.

I catch a spin kick from her wit' my claws. " Ya know Raven, It seems yer fightin' awfully hard fer a guy that left ya fer a hunk a' metal." She looks shocked then gets outta the way.

I finally catch up wit' Lensherr I grab him by his cape an' Slam him against th' wall. " Logan Stop!" He says. " All I did was to help you and other mutants! The humans they want to kill us or take away or powers. I bet you procured that gun of yours from a human. What do you think they'll do you with their weapons? Logan You don' have to do this you should take your rightful place at my right hand ."

" Yeah right Erik, pull the other one." I respond " Ya took out my adamantuim ta help me? My Healin' factor was shot for months! Now ya know how it feels ta be without yer powers. But unlike you I fought fer all those months, while yer runnin' like a scared deer! I Just wanted this ta be th' last thing ya heard Bub, Ya tired ta kill me, ended up crippiln' me but I came back stronger. Ya've got no one ta blame fer this but yerself."

Storm flies up ta me" Logan don't I'm warning you!"

" And what' Ro? Put him back in th' Vault? He'll just get back out If ya didn't wanna see me do what had ta be done, then ya shouldn't have followed me, Darlin!"

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Great! The Blob farted when i punched him.
Well, that has to hurt.Dental for all.

Dr.Polaris rules.
I got Pyro ...

Woah what just happened?
Bah! You definitely flatter yourself in your recounting of this skirmish, Logan!
Like ya don't bub! An I see yer bleedin' more than yer lettin' on in yer post. Erik
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