Monday, June 05, 2006


Well now this is interstin'

Some weird thing knocked us all out after I stabbed Magneto. When I wake his body was gone. nothin' was left but a huge pool of blood. Great no body. Even though I gave' im a fatal wound here's one thing I 've learned over the years.

Someone takes the body, the guy can be brought back ta life. Damn! So this wasn't even worth the little lecture I got from Storm about killin' . We land the X-jet when I hear a rumblin' sound. Next thing I know, Magneto is thrown through a wall.

" Well well I guess I get another chance at ya bub! I say poppin' my claws.

" What?" said Magneto " I destroyed the X-jet."

" What is he talking about?" asks Pantha.

" I think the blood loss is getting to him." said Storm. " Logan no! Do you want me to fry with a thunderbolt this time?"

" Ha ! Y.....You barely hurt me Logan! Mastermind made you think you did." He said all pale and barely hearable. The blood flowin from his gut wound told a whole different story. So he was either saved or resurrected but he didn't give himself time to heal up.

" Don't Worry Erik got the' cure for what ails ya!" I say just about ta claw 'im up some more, when Storm starts ta throw a thunderbolt. I say" Do what ya gotta do Darlin' an' so will I." before either of us can move, I hear " Stand back My Horseman of Death! I and I alone shall finish Magneto. "

I look up an see Apocalypse?

" Did you truly think you could control me with your little robots Magneto? I will give you one thing though, they repaired my mind just fine. No more will I waste my valuable time with evil Wal -mart schemes. Or plots stolen from video games. I am once again the apex of the strong!"

Magneto pulls out a control remote from his belt and pushed a button. En Sabah Nur just laughs. " You believed I would not absorb the nanites you put into my blood stream? I can control every molecule of my body!"

This woman that looks like, Tx but has a smell of a livin' person stalks behind Apocalypse. Then somethin' happens. I can't explain what it's like I sense somethin' there. The big blue armor wearin' mutant Just stares at the wall then says.

" Sleep? I think not my dear." He fires a yellow energy bolt at TX knocking her back. " Now be a good girl and sit there and I will consider making you into one of my Horsemen. Now where was I? Oh yes! I was about to teach Magnus about how only the strong survive. "

Well well it looks like we gotta ring side seat. An' me wit'out popcorn.

this should be fun... not
It is on.
Bah! When I relate the truth about these events to the world, you can be sure how I'll tell everyone about how your pants fell down around your ankles and you couldn't tripped onto your face!

Feeble indeed!
Pantha Aw comeon this is great

Henchman yes it is

Mags but that didn't happen. I'm a little scared that yer fantasisin' about me wit' my pants off
can you say scratch and sniff...................thats it im going to hell!
I don't like these images pantsless Logan bleh!
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