Friday, June 30, 2006


How many people are gonna get inta this fight?

(Continued from Joe Fixit's blog. )

That damned Fixit! He used my own claws ta cut me open! He took my blood fer some reason I passed out fer what seemed like an eternity. Though it was only a few minutes. I wake up seein' that geek Vegeta starin' at the scene the Hulk was long gone.

I get up feelin' like guttin' somethin'. An Vegeta was right there. The problem was though I hate him, he wasn't who I wanted ta ta turn inta meat. It was a certain Grey Goliath, that hit Jeanie an' gutted me.

" Yo stupid! Hey! ya weird haired geek stop floatin' up there leave or pick a side!"

After I say that Magneto shows his wrinkled face again. "Joe Fixit! That grey freak has gotten in my way for the last time! " he looks at Vegeta . " What are you staring at weirdo? Wait I know you. Your friends with that freak that wore the Superman costume. Son Gunko."

The Alien smirks. " I also destroyed your base a while back bucket head."

" Magneto screams and uses his power on Vegeta who just laughs " Trying to affect my armor aren't you? It's non magnetic. But this will affect you Galick Gun!"

One o'those blasts of his knocks Magneto back into the street if he didn't put a field, I'd think Mags would be dead. I saw the Henchman sneaking up behind the fight. His pal the Constrictor still hadn't woke up from his Fixit beatin.'

Earlier in the fight Vegetable brains, an' the Hasmat kid wailed on each other pretty good. I guess Henchman wanted another round. I pop my claws. He hears the Snikt! And turns " So you want me to beat on you some more you furry freak? Ok. You first then Veg head."

"Ya ain't gonna make it that far bub!" Then that freakin' Lindsey Lohan fembot decided to it wanted to fight me too.

"My komy is afraid of you Wolverine. I'm going to make sue he has nothing to fear from now on!"

I smile "Two against one eh? I think yer out numbered."

Beast bounds behind me " Hello Lin. Code Epsilon Omega; engage."

The robot screams. " No I'm sentient! I - I must help the X-men." She starts blastin' the Brother hood. Heh. I never knew that blue furball was so sneaky. while I was watchin' this Henchman hits me I fly across the white house lawn.

" Pay attention claw man! " He slams inta me at super speed I think his speed is only avalible to him in short bursts. He punches me hard This kid's strong. I've fought stronger though an' won.

" I can't believe you've gotten such a rep!"

Keep yappin' bub.

" Your not all that dangerous. "

Ah Ha! An openin' I slash his arm right at the joint. It's cybernetic an' leakin' oil every where.

" Arrgh! My arm not again! H-how?"

" Yer good fer a rookie, too bad I'm the best."

I knee him in the groin. " Ooh still got some soft spots ain't ya?" I say before punchin him in the stomach . "Wanna know what an Adamantuim head butt feels like?" I ask right before I show him.

To his credit he wasn't ko'd He shot some guns at me some bullets hit others I blocked with my claws. I land a kick in his cybernetic knee. His metal's tough mine's tougher. Im about ta stab 'im when a fire bird appears over the sky we're all thrown around at once.

" HULK!!!!!!!!!" Screams a very angry Jeanie.

I get up pretty quick don't know where Henchman went to. But see Magneto floatin up ta Jean vegeta flyin' behind him . " My dear forget about Fixit. I want to kill him as well but Washington needs to fall first."

Jean sneers at him. " You dare to try and tell the Dark Phoneix what to do you flea?" She sets him on fire. " You fancy yourself the most powerful mutant on the planet Erik ? Feel True power!"

She gestures ,And magneto falls hard the flames still burnin' him. Jean laughs. " First you next the Hulk!" She flies wit' Storm an' Gaia followin'. Hopefully they can stop Jeanie.

How many people indeed! Must be at least 20!
Hey J'onn what about vibe was that just a dream cause jean (or jene and you missspelled) is so still alive.

Anyway whats this crap with McCoy getting Lin to help the X-Men.

Crap crap crap crap.

Damn good guys cheating whats the blog comming to.

Lin can kill me, Crap!
You ought to work on your grammar. I've posted in my blog that it was a dream!
Oh man, we are in some serious trouble!
Wrinkled?! I'll have you know I moisturize everyday!
Alright Weapon X,

One thing I do better than "hench" is learn. Next time will be different.Dental for all.

DR.Polaris rules.
thanks fer tellin' me. I'll do somthin' different next time
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