Sunday, May 13, 2007


Well now this sucks.

A whole bunch O' Flamin' aliens showed up, claimin' ta be saiyans, and they want us all ta surrender? Fat Chance!The problem is Emma don't want to do anything about it.

" The humans put themselves in this mess dear , by letting your psycho sparring partner live on this planet. "

" What are ya talkin' about?" I growl. " Ain't the whole point O' the X-men ta show humans we ain't bad by helpin' 'em out? 'sides darlin' ya ain't the leader here. Cyke is."

I look down to where he's at the fetal position. Ah Damn!I left the mansion in disgust. When several X-men followed me out. " Well now looks like I ain't the only one who wants ta kick some monkey tail eh?"

" Havok Blurts out so Are we going to West City take out that guy your always fighting?"

" Nah. I doubt he'd do this Veg head don't play well with others. I guess we should hook up with the Avengers, and see where they go from there."

" An' if vegeta is behind this sugah?" Rouge questions.

" Then I'll cut out his heart myself. "

How come everyone's always picking on Cyclops? Just because he's a scaredy cat wuss spineless yellow belly doesn't mean he doesn't want to be liked.
Sounds like we have a new X-Men team on our hands. It's getting to be tough to find names with an X theme that haven't been taken.

And surprise, surprise - Wolverine is on the team.
Jon: But it's so flamin' hard ta like 'im.

Chuck well what do ya expect?
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