Saturday, July 08, 2006


Victory party.

Cyclops had a victory party, for the defeat of The Brotherhood. O' course He had ta get the worst singer he could find fer the entertainment. Justin Guarini. Damn sometimes better than normal hearin' is a curse.

Guests start pilin' in . Including one that looks like Lyndsey Lohan ? Uh-oh Party crashers. I get close enough to catch there scents. Just as I thought. Koma an' his buddy the Henchman. I sneak up behind them an' slam my fists into both their spines.

" Don't scream losers it's Wolverine. You two are gonna ta leave this party nice an' easy or I'm gonna pop my claws. "

Koma gulps in air his robo girl Says " Let my Komy go. Or I'll blast you."

" Go ahead, then you'll be responsible fer him eatin' through a straw. Ya see blastin' me will make my claws pop out. "

" I'm not kidding." she cheerfully exclaims.

I grin at her showing her my fangs. " Do you really wanna risk yer man's health Darlin? I'll heal he won't. Besides see the big red haired guy there?" I nod my head over to Kodiak. " The moment I get blasted he's gonna put ya in the scrapyard. But none O' that needs ta happen if ya leave now. "

Koma says almost cryin" Lin let's go!" The Henchman shakes his head. He glares at me. "This isn't over hairball."

" Ya know where I live bub. " I challenge.

" Not yet little man." responds Henchman. As they leave more trouble walks in Vegeta , with his wife an' daughter, and oddly Goku and some woman, and two Twenty somethings that look like Goku, an' a teenage girl.

Ya know I seen the younger boy around but I never made the connection between Bra's Boyfriend and Goku . But in my defense I 'd never thought anyone would actually sleep wit' Goku for him ta have kids. That must be burnin' Vegeta up his Daughter an' Goku's son.

What really bothered me was Laura started talkin' ta the Vegta's weird named daughter I mean the names they gave their kids is a form o' child abuse. I went over there ta tell Veg head he'd better not start any trouble here.

He looked like he was gonna fight 'till his wife put a hand on his shoulder. " What did we talk about?" She stated with an annoyed voice. He just stares at then goes "Bah ! Your not worth it Logan!" He's whipped Hahaaha!

" Fine wit, me bub I was just gonna tell ya ta stay outta my way tonight. I'd like to kick back once wit' a brew. So I'll Arrrgh!"

At that Moment Private Hudson jumped up on stage an' sang the worst song ta music that didn't even accompany it. I'd had enough bad singin' from That American Idol reject Justin. I was gonna do somethin' about this when I see Vegeta do this hand gesture.

Then Hudson's under wear is pulled over his head.

" Well that ends Hudson's caterwalin' ." I think out loud. " I'll stop mister Guarini."

I come back an' hour later An' Scott's lookin' angry in a girlie way as normal fer him.

" Logan where did Justin Guarini go?"

" I dunno, now if you'll excuse me, I gotta date with a frosty cold one. "

Not now you don't The Professor is in trouble the Astral Plane, We have to help him. So get into your costume."

Great. Oh well at least I don't have ta listen to Justin loser anymore.

The next orning Justin is found hanging from a flagpole by his boxers yelling for help, After much laughing from the local residents he's finally pulled down........ That afternoon.

If you that I coundn't smack you around the place, you are fooling yourself.
That was Koma and Henchman?!

Um, I mean . . I knew that.
No I don't think it was. Read my blog, I was hoodwinking SHEILD. Why would I want to party to Justin Guarini. Gee only cyke is that lame.

That really was LINDSAY LOHAN. She's been stalking me since I stopped stalking her.

Gee that Justing Guarana's bad singing stuffed up your senses Logan.

Ya could be right. I still can't hear right
Henchman if ya think I'll be easy ta beat yer foolin' yerself
calls and leaves a message on the Machine:

Logan, It is Ana… I am taking Laura with me to Japan…. Don't worry she will be fine…
HI Logan looks like we are going to be teaming up
What was Lindsay Lohan doing at the party?
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