Sunday, July 02, 2006


Ta show Vegeta who's boss.

Vegeta was strong armin' Josh ( Elixir ) Foley. Yeah he has some explainin' to do, but the to the X-men not some weird lookin' alien outsider. We X-men stick together ( unless it's Scott We just stick his head in the toilet,as X-men united. Haha!.)

Anyway I tell 'im ta let the kid go and he gets all ready for a fight well It's time I gave 'im one. I jump at him lettin' him think I'm goin' fer his throat. Instead I go fer his chest, guy's fast, he blocks it with his arms .

I cut inta them real nice. He growls at me throws a punch that actually knocks me into the ground. " That all ya got bub?" This infuriates the Prince of all losers, leavin' 'im open fer me ta jump outta the hole an' hit'im with a shoulder tackle.

while he gets up gaspin' fer breathe I kick 'im in the jaw. He laughs " You've had your fun Logan, now I have mine. " he kicks me in the air he seems to appear in front of and punches me back inta the ground.

Cyclops runs up to us an' says "Now come on guys. Don't you think you have better things to do right now than settle your old score? I mean the President may be watching. "

" Quiet Loser men are fighting." Said Vegeta.

" I'm a man!" said Scot blasting him. The saiyan knocks the blast away with a slap, Damn chi manipulation. " Ya know Scott we did hear ya hidin' and cryin' fer yer mommy a while ago." I tell 'im chuckling.

" Damn you and both and your super hearing!!!" Summers whines.

" If your not going to kill each other then I'm going to kill you both!" We look over where Henchman points guns at us

. " He always this annoyin'? " I ask.

" Yes, he is . " He grabs me an' throws me at the AIM guy. I slash his arm completely off this time. It flies over to Magneto who catches it in midair an' he kills The Constrictir wit' it. I hear somethin' about gumbo before I dodge somethin' called a Final Shine attack . Henchman dodges it but gets caught in the explosion.

" What was that for Vegeta ?"

" I was just wondering If I destroy everything but your skeleton will you grow back, or die? Seems I knocked out poor Henchman . Hahahahahahahhahahaaha!'

Damn Jerk! The Blob ended up fightin' Vegeta along wit' Captian Koma. Then I saw Magneto walkin' out wit the president as a hostage. I'm gonna have to somethin' about that.

Me fight Vegeta!

No way like I said too much for me to take on. I'll stick to teleporting Iceman and Beast to the Savage Land.

Add dinosaurs and acceptable nudity.

I'm fixing Lin

She'll be able to kill you all
I did fight a robot that looked like you....
Why don't you guys *sniffle* respect me?! The Professor made me the leader and you have *sniffle* to do what I say! I'm in charge! You *sniffle* will do what I say!
Ha! You know you're helpless before the awesome power of Magneto! Do your worst, dwarf!
danger room?
(see Kodiak)

"Don't poke tha bear buddy!" literally!
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