Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Th' fight with Kodiak's over.

( continued from Kodiak's blog.)

We had ta see why Kody was passin' out when he used his super strength. I told him we were goin' ta fight in th' dangeroom. It was A retty hard batlle but i've fough the Hulk so I knew how how to throw down wit' guys stronger than me.

I finally got him mad enough at me, ta knock him out . I wonder why I feel like I've seen this kid before? Before he joined the X-men I mean. Probaly it's 'cause he he's That punk Creed's brother.

Whatever I carry the big guy in ta the Med room where Forge is already there wit' all kinds o' mutant studyin' devices. I've had enough O' labs over the years so I leave. I need a beer, an since Iceman's in Disney World I at least know He won't freeze 'em all this time.

Hey, you poked the bear buddy. lol that was fun!
Ah, nothing a little devious, manipulative plan to make me homesick. Nicely played Logan.
Oh Great looked like I was sauced while writin' this post eh?
Your just jealous that your not a Disney Land.
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