Friday, July 28, 2006


An old enemy.

Last time I saw the Silver Samurai, I cut off his hand. It was right after M-day and I just had my memories returned. I wanted him to tell me where this mystic sword was being kept.

Then I ran around like a nut, in my old brown and tan costume and fought Capitan America, Nuke , an' some others. I was gettin' back at those who had wronged me , but also ended up havin' my own friends trust me a little less in the process.

Now the consequences O' my actions, are comin' back to haunt me. I was still a little groggy from the poison. An' he was kickn' me around. Makin' sure my healin' factor didn't have a chance to repair my wounds.

He used that energy power o his ta charge up his sword. He slices my guts. I grab his legs an ' pull im down. " Logan-san You do not fight me like you normally do. This was not the victory I envisioned over you, but I will take it!"

Ok time to fight back, use my other senses to figure out which of the three Kenuichio Haradas I was seein' was the real one. I used a flyin' spinkick knockin' him down. Meanwhile Ana was fightin' her old enemy.

Every once in a while I'd look over ta see how she was doin' that cost me. Samurai's swords went into my back. I slashed his hand. Yup just as I thought cybernetic.

" Arrrrgh! Again! You sever my hand!"

" What's wrong Samurai? Can't take it?"

" No. It will just make my victory all the much sweeter."

He starts teleportin' ' around usin' that ring O' his. Each new place he appears He slices me. I close my eyes and listen ther's a sound evrey time He telports . Also the smell o' ozone. When he pops up Again I attack

He puts up his other hand to block my claws. An I slash the ring, he starts teleportin'' like crazy . Then he just vanishes an' doesn't reappear. I look down an' my wounds start closin' also I notice I can see normally again. That's when Ana is knocked into the water. I jump in after her while Laura runs at Arashi.

Here's my advice - just place one good optic blast right in the guy's face. He'll never bother you again. Oh that's right, you don't have optic blasts. Too bad. Nice knowing you, Logan.
i always like that old suit!
save me again huh?
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