Friday, July 21, 2006


I hate airports

After Gettin' back from the Astral Plane, I checked my messages. Ana And laura went on some kind O' blood feud to Japan . The first thing I did was go to the Black birds Storm had a fit after she fell for Cyke's little distraction. Each and evrey one was trashed.

So I had ta book a flight ta Japan.Free Image Hosting -

The fun started when I passed the metal dectector and it kept beepin' evrey time I passed through, well no kiddin' I tell 'Im the metal is inside of me like a metal plate in somone's skull Air port security ain't havin' none o' that.
Free Image Hosting -

They Strip search me , the only good thing about this is they were hot babes.Free Image Hosting at

I tell'im "I ain't got time fer this ! " I walk to my flight in my skivvies. On the way there I show'im where the metal was by lettin'them x-ray my arm Rarrrrrrgh! Somone's gonna get hurt when I get ta Japan!

That was great! Dejavu. Remind me to install a metal detector in the intrance's to the mansion, I think I'll get Bobby to help, just saying. (:D)

p.s To tell you y that was so awsome that was the first issue I ever owned of your escapades!
plese Logan dont be mad
Ich bin zurück.
Hey ya Kurt Welcome back
Ha ha ha!!
heyya Cyke looks like somone wants ta get knocked out again.
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