Sunday, July 16, 2006


He's tearin' apart my mind!

( continued from Martian Manhunter, Pantha,And Chuck)

The Shadow King grabbed me an' started messin' wit my mind.
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Next Thing I know I'm relivin' my worst traumas. Voices went through my head.

" Welcome Wolverine you are now a servant of Hydra!"

" Logan is no more you are my horseman of Death!"

"Dr Cornelius! How's the Adamantium feed ?"

" The feed is no longer impeded sir! "

" Yes soon Weapon X will be ready!"

"James ! No Stop!"

" Rose Nooooo!"

Then next thing I know, I'm in a cabin in the Canadian wilderness. I'm a kid and I just got one hell of a beatin.' I lay there and People come up An' say stuff.

" Mr Howlett ? What happened here?"

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" I don't know. Looks like a wild animal thrashed through here or more that one. You lad What's your name boy?"

" I dunno ."

" Sir? What's wrong with the boy's hands?"

I look down an' freak out.

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" It's ok Son." says my father " What ever animal did this to your cabin did that tour hands. "

The other man exclaimed " Sir I could swear I saw bones pull themselves back in."

" That's insane Walston! I suppose we have to take the boy."

" What? But sir?"

We can't leave him out here to die in the wilderness, and until we find where he comes from My wife can believe he's our dead son James."

" Mr. Howlett, I know she's daft but would even she believe that?"

" One way to find out. Lad your name is James I'm your father."

I awake back in the Astral Plane what the Flamin'? I thought I was James Howlett . Was this some crazy illusion created by the Shadow King? Or do I still not know who I am ?Can't think o' this now. I gotta fight the Shadow King .

Oh sure, take a nap in the middle of a battle. I swear I don't know what it is with you people.
um, Dr. Phil we need a lil' help over here.
Get out of my way Logan
Logan its um Ana....
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