Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Crappy surprises

( Continued from Shi

I found Laura an' Ana, and after I cooled off I helped her get the statues back. I called in some favors An we stuffed them in the cargo hold of a ship. Ana asked. "So are we ok now?"

" I dunno . Why did ya bring Laura along on this little pleasure cruise?"

" She wouldn't take no for an answer."

" I guess she gets that from this Canuckle head."

Then these goons jump offa the wharf on too the ship. They have these darts fulla poison I take most of 'em . I'm on my knees while they kick me . Shi an' Laura Start Slicn' through the ones that jumped 'em.

In in a few minutes I join the fun.

" What?" gasps a thug. We pumped you full of enough poison to kill an Elephant!"

" yeah bub, too bad elephants don't have mutant healin' factors." After we finish 'im off I hear clappin.' Arashi. " Well done Logan and Shi I must say I never in a million years would have thought of you two as a couple."

" So you want to finish our battle ?" Ana defiantly asks.

" Ah MS Shi I would love too, but I know that your mutant friend would come after me as well. That's why brought along someone to even the odds. "

Out from seemingly nowhere walks out the Silver Samurai. " You'll pay for taking my hand Gajin!" Free Image Hosting -

To be continued.

This could be trouble...
silver samurai - wow!

This is going to be one hell of a fight.

So much better than the battle with the buhdists at the airport.

Lauar get down there and out of site
I hear the Samuri's sword is so sharp it can cut through butter.

Or something like that.

Good luck!
yeah Samurai's pretty tough.

Thanks Chuck.
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