Thursday, April 12, 2007


I'm in some kinda freak tournament.

Ya know I ain't sure why the Flamin' hell I joined this little tournament. I think it's some kinda thing where Marvel wants me ta be everywhere. I mean I'm a loner , why else would I choose ta be in 50 teams unless it was in my contract?

Ya know I only get like 2 hours sleep a night. And how do I get ta all these these team meetings , and adventures, and the solo missions. I wish I knew bub, but it's all a blur.

Which leads us ta here. I'm fightin' a bald noselss dwarf thing , and it's kickin' my ass.

I guess much of the problem is the thing's just hideous. I don't wanna look at him ta fight him. The other thing is he was stronger, faster, then me with energy projection.

Thing is , I had worse. If ya want power, well I been hit by the Hulk. Speed? I've fought Speedemon , and Quicksilver. bein' hit by blasts, this weird freak ain't got nothin' on Vegeta, or Iron Man.

So I played opossum Letting' him think he was beatin' me. Yeah this only works if ya got a healin' factor or Are invulnerble or get off on pain. But as fast as midget is he was gonna get some shots in no matter what.

I did jump over this blade shaped blast thing though, I'd rather not be cut apart , or in half or whatever today noseless ugly monster. So there I am this thing starts bragging about me bein' overrated.

It can talk? I was gettin' used to the idea it was some kind O' trained super powered monkey . Well then I can do this without injuring it. ( it may have acid blood fer all I know.) I pop my claws and cut it's shirt.

It freaks out, an' runs to a medic it goin' outta the ring wins me the match. I really hope there ain't no more O' him. Not much surprises me anymore, but this thing is gonna give me nightmares.

So I go back to the stands an' Laura, tells me how she's gonna be joinin' the Outsiders.

" An' yer stayin' in the New X-men?"

" Yeah sure why not?"

Aw no. Like father like daughter.

" Ok fine , but ya can only do this if ya get yer home work done , and No more teams, there punkin. "

" Uh thats funny comin' from you." She laughs.

" Believe me ya don't wanna wake up one mornin' and find yerself on the Great Lakes Avengers. "

The look on her face tells me it what I said sunk in. Good. Now I'm gonna take a nap.

At lest your contract doesn't say that you have to join the JLA when you turn 20.
Of course even though a tournament like this wouldn't be approved for X-Men, there's always an exception for Wolverine. We need him to go out and get us some press.
And I think the GLA changed their name to the Great Lake Defenders. Apparently they won a bet.
Kid Flash: I wouldn't mind that but then again I'm waaay past 20

Chuck: That's what I'm doin' I guess.

Yeah then they turned to the GL Chamions baceuse Doc Strnge brain washed 'em weird.
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