Monday, April 23, 2007


This tournament is kinda fun.

I loved fightin' Veg Heads kid with the funny hair. Yeah I know what yer gonna say "they all have funny hair." I mean this one.

He thought he had me beat 'til I slammed the back O' his head with my Adamantium knee. Yeah It messed my knee up but messed the kid up more. It's a kinda arrogance these saiyans have when they fight me, they don't go super Well in this case it was the kid's down fall.

Next was me and Laura. Look's like Nightwing's trainin' has done the girl some good. I still beat 'er by poppin' my claws in'er neck. when her dumb boyfriend ran past streakin' . I woulda beat 'er eventually anyway, but this just made it easier.

Now I'm in the Semi Finals Eh? Who am I fightin'?

Why ain't I surprised? I guess it had ta come down to the two O' us sooner or later.

goos job , and good luck in the semi finals.:)
I'm going to have to bet on Logan. He's a man that just doesn't stay down.
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