Monday, September 29, 2008


X-23: I didn't kill West!

At Ice Station Zero Chuck keeps annoying me.

"Laura tell me what happened one more time."

"What flaming difference will it make Chuck?" I glare.

He rubs his temples. “Logan being a young woman's role model... Well at least she isn't aping his accent anymore. Laura please indulge me."

“Sigh. Fine." I roll my eyes." We were at the hovercraft he was staring at my chest I pop my claws next I thing I know. I wake up in the snow the craft was damaged beyond repair, and Rosen was nowhere to be seen maybe his people beamed him back to his planet of origin."

"That's not funny Laura." Chuck gripes.

"We'll just have to disagree there bub."

“Well he did sign the release so we won't be held responsible unless you killed him... you didn't did you?"

“For the last time no!" I growl.

“Very good you'll be flown home now."

It didn't help that Elixir was the pilot on the way home, who let him fly a Blackbird by the way? He kept asking over, and over again “did you kill him? Did you kill him?"

I was so glad to lock myself in my room at the mansion, and not have to listen to the flaming questions anymore. I was finally starting to relax when Dust asks ' Did you kill him?" GRRRRR.

Comments: must be tough having a name like that.
I believe you.
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