Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Back home

After Messin' with Shi a little at her gallery, I drive home. An' guess who's the first to greet me? Cyclops sayin' I messed up his bike. I don't know how I could have done that since I've been, fighting Dracula, visiting the Oike Gallery , then the Hellfire Club.

I see the Wreakage an' smell Shi's scent all over it. Hahahahahaha! " Look Bub, that wasn't me now get outta my way!"

" I'm going to teach you to respect me Logan!" He says in a wat too high voice.

I spread my arms "I'm right here Scott, first shot's free. He looks at me then chokes an' says " Now is not the time . " Then he runs away. Wow that was... intrestin'. I walk into my room ta find Fred the Fox drinkin' my beer.

" uh oh. " he said. " What are you going to do?"

" Nothin' I think the hangover your gonna get is punisnment enough, now get out!"I Start to drift off to sleep, when the Elf telports in. " Mein Freund you have to hide me! Hudson is outside!"

I look out the window and see this.

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"What the Flamin'! Why is he dressed like that?"

" Maybe he is how you say drunk."

" That'd be the only reason for that. !"

I tell Kurt to hide in the Dangerroom. Then I walk down the satirs and watch Charlie, show Hudson what a kid between the two would look like. I decided this was enough of this I walk up to him an' say. " Um Bub, Kurt or Nightcrawler is a man. "

His face turns a shade, then it gets a pretty funny expression " Uh I gotta go.... yeah. " As he walks away I hear him whisper" Oh Game over man." Well Kurt don't have to worry about that no more. Now maybe I can get some sleep.

Thanks for keeping him safe Logan but he could have popped over to my place ;))
Man, you guys got it all wrong. I totally explained everything in my blog.
Bwa ha ha ha!

Oh Private Hudson, you kill me.
Me thinks thou dost protest too much, Hudson.
I'm not protesting too much, I'm just trying to tell everybody that they've got it all wrong.
Ya know Hudson I'm gonna regret askin' this but why the Knight armor?
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