Friday, April 14, 2006


The party

The party started off well enough, I caught Vegeta tryin' ta sneak a potion in my beer. Jon the Intergalactic gladiator asked me about my immunity to potions because of my Healin' factor. Well I'm not immune, I'd only be affected a few minutes, though by that time someone would break out a flamin' camera phone take a picture of whatever I turn into, then put it on the web.

Those things are everywhere. Any way I punch Vegeta fer that . He yells " That was a cheap shot Wolverine!" Then it was on, we smash through half the building several x-men dodgin' us . Some point we smash into Petey. He falls down the stairs. After this I think Chuck said "I am throwing this party so we can unwind." I smile at him and say " This is how we unwind." he gets this tired look on his face.

We end up smashing from the top floor, I fall inta the the pool, he floats down. " Had enough yet rodent?" he smirks at me. " Not even Bub! " I yell. I pop my claws and run at him At the last second his wife runs in between us.

" I see how it is . "I laugh. " Ya need ta hide behind the little woman. " He gets all red faced then says " Bulma! This does not concern you!" She sighs and gets out of the way, this time when I almost claw him I end up floatin' in midair.

" Why don't you children behave yourselves!" Yelled Gaia. " I'm not in the mood to be fixing all the damage you two are creating!" After she leaves Vegeta asks " What's with her?" From nowhere Gambit and Cyke are cryin' Cyke says " My son asked to marry her " , and she's didn't say anything.

" Cain' t dey see dey are a beautiful couple." whined Gambit. And 'o course Bulma has guess what a camera phone, with video no less, she's recordin' this cry fest. It made me sad to be on a team wit ' these jokers.

" Did she say no or something?" asked Vegeta " or are these two overemotional?" " The second she's thinkin' about it. " I say. "Not that I can say anything , every woman I date ends up dead."
as we watch them passing out tissues Vegeta says " We'll fight some other time I have things to do."

" Whatever." I say. I go back in throw back some brews, then this American Idol reject starts cauterwalin' hurtin' my ears. After his set, me and Havok lock him in a closet. I think I heard all the stupidity I would hear all night until flamin' Dracula tries to recruit for his legions of the night.

I pop my claws in his face and say" I'm in enough teams already." He goes away with the usual " you shall rue the day " speech. All in all it turned out ta be a fairly fun party , not as enjoyable as the one where I fought Hercules, but still pretty entertainin'.

This morin' I snuck inta Vegeta's house and re decorated his room wit' a bunch o' my action figures, there's like 500 mes waitn' for him when he comes back. Heh! Heh! Wait a minute, I wonder if anyone let the "singer" out?



Shut up.
Sounds... exciting Logan.

Did you ever consider learning proper English?

She said-

That was really pretty funny. I wish I could have seen Vegeta's face when he saw all the Wolverine figures surrounding him.
Why are so many of your figures shirtless? I mean your a Yeti man!
Did you see that "Weapon X lab" one where Logan is dressed only in his underwear? I heard he actually paid the company to design that one. Kinky.
Yes that one scared me
What Vegeta Jealous?
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