Saturday, April 15, 2006


Goodbye Vlad.

I was Huntin' for the talking fox that bit me. I finally found him, when I hear Chuck's voice in my head. "Logan I need to see you in my study."

" But..."

" Now Logan!"

Ok now I was angry. I open the door to his office nearly pulling it off it's hinges. " What's so Flamin, important? "

" Close the door, I don't want anyone to hear this. "

" Sounds serious Charles. What's goin' on?"

" Logan you know why I keep you on the X-men."

" Marvel marketing?"

" No because you will do, what the others will not, in fact it's what you do best. "

" Ya want me to off someone."

" Vlad Dracula, as you may know has brainwashed Vampi. She's killed two innocent women. Maybe if Dracula dies. she will be freed from his control."

I absorb what Chuck just said. " You still have a thing for her huh?"

" No, but she is my friend I can't stand to see her suffer. I know she'll carry the guilt of her actions for the rest of her life. I know this will be dangerous , but you thrive in those type of situations. "

"Do you know where he is?" I ask.

"Yes I've found him and Vampi with Cerebro. They are in a private mansion outside the state with many servants."

" Now we're talking Bub! I won't wear my costume and I'll go there on my bike. Let's not get the X-men involved if I screw this up."

He gives me the address, Now I'm leavin' to show Vlad why I'm the best there is at what I do.

Well at least you didn't have to go to Transilvania. If anyone can handle Dracula, it's you.

And VanHelsing. And Blade. Oh, and Abbot and Costello, of course.
From what I observed he is all claws and no brains...

he is going to end up hurting Vampi
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