Sunday, April 23, 2006


Is everyone gettin' kidnapped?

Shi is denyin' th' good time she had wit me huh? Well these pics don't lie Darlin.'

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Not that it matters any way, I can't stay tied down fer to long . Well As ya probably read in Chuck's blog. Gladitor took 'im. He told me telepathically that he had a tracer on 'im self. So Beast was trackin' him. Now we needed someone wit' a spaceship.

I told Storm 'bout this well because Scott doesn't do well under pressure, hasn't since Apocalypse took over his body that time. 'Ro went about contactin' Reed Richards. While I went ta tell Ana I was leavin'

I find only her necklace, and smells I know all to well, the' smells o' Hand ninja.

I bet it was all an elaborate plan just to get you to take a bath.
lol maybe he needed it LOL
Now there's a gentlemen - he brings a camera with him on his dates. Just in case he needs some a defense.
that isnt what I would call a gentleman....

I guess he needs proof since no one would normall touch him not even with a ten feet pole
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