Sunday, April 23, 2006


Now th' rescue

I turn ta see Hand Warriors surrondin' me . " Alright ya pajama wearin' punks! Where's Ana?" "We have no idea, gajin dog! We are here to kill you!"
So they're just after me they have nothin' ta do with Shi's kidnapping. I gotta put 'em down fast, Then find who really took her.

Me against a whole bunch O' Ninjas piece a cake.

After I finish wit' them I follow Shi's trail. There's a bunch 'o guys hangin' around with this guy beats on her. I could go subtle, an' sneak up on 'em. Or I can bull my way in an rip 'em all a new one.

Ya all knew which I chose I guess. I jump through tha window. In tha surprise , I take out a few of ' em. Then tha rest shoot me. It didn't tickle but I was alright. My healin' factor would kick in pretty soon. I cut through them but while I was takin' out the boss, escapes.

I get Shi outta there .

But before I do I find a clue so it was Yakuza. I take her back to th' mansion. " Why can't I go back to my place." Shi asks. " It's kinda messed up darlin'. " She sneers at me. " I don't believe this! You destroy my place even when I'm not there!"

"It wasn't me this time it was th' Hand. "

" But they were after you weren't they?" she said before she passed out. I told Rouge to watch out fer her while we were off ta find Chuck in the Shia'r Empire.

I look outside Ah it looks like Dr. Richards pulled through.

*looks around still have dazed*
Hey there Wolverine! I love the x-men so come on over to the Jedi Temple and visit me ok? :)
Ah, Wolverine fighting ninjas. That brings back the memories.
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