Thursday, April 20, 2006


Doc Samson oh joy

Xavier has been havin' problems wit' me messin' wit' Shi. After talkin' ta me in his office, I thought it was over. I was wrong. Seems Scott though it would be a great idea ta call a shrink fer me. A course it had ta be Doc Samson.
I dunno why every one calls him I mean look how his therapy has helped th' Hulk

If ya wanna know all Hercules did was say"hi." An' this was last week . Well Samson asks If there's some place we can I tell him the Dangeroom. When he walks in I turn on the team scenario. It takes it while but th' room beats Samson.

Then It was time ta give 'I'M a new haircut. I pop my claws an' well take look.

I was tryin' ta make his hair look like mine , but he squirmed so much he ended up lookin' like Vegeta. I left him in there ta keep fightin, the Dangeroom. When I smell a familiar scent Gladiator!

At least you left my apartment finally...
Ye, why not using a Blaster Pistol. If you have one.
I perfer my sword but at this moment if you have one I could borrow
Ohh oh. You know what happens when you cut Samsons' hair don't you? He gets all girly.
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