Sunday, April 09, 2006


I'm bloggin' now

We just got back from the Dark Phoniex mess to find two Jeanies in the Mansion. This is gettin' weirder an' weirder. I decide ta leave it to the big brains. I go walkin' ta a bar. Then the strangest thing happens.

Emma Frost or someone who looks jus' like her Comes runnin' up ta me. The she looks and says " Your not Logan." I was about ta say jus' cause I got all my memories back, don't mean ya I ain't Logan. " When she runs off.

I don't know what's goin' on here. But I know it's somethin' off.

Oh Good
Two Jeans? Two Emmas? What ever is going on, I bet it's going to be confusing.
Your bloggin' now....well so am I!
Welcome, Wolvie.

While you're investigating all of these doubles, can you wrestle me up two beers?
Vegeta : HA!

Chuck Yup

Elf: Welcome aboard

Jon: Thanks Bub

Sure thing
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