Friday, April 28, 2006


Bored in th' ship

I don't like bein' cramped. There is nothin' to do on this ship. I can' wait till we get ta Corasant. I think about interrogatin' Corsair some more. But Magdelena alrady beat me ta it. I was so bored I interuppted Maggie an' Xavier, just ta get 'em mad.

I have no idea why Scott had ta interrupt too. Either he's bored or dumb. I guess I can see what's in this room, what th' Flamin' ! the wires are attackin!

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Ok do not go in there.

Thanks Logan.

They say sarcasm is harder to convey in the written form, so just in case there is any doubt, I was being sarcastic.
I'll bet you were.
Wolverine *winks at charles* if you want to impress SHI just shave your body hair... but you have to use this... I use it on my legs its called an epilator
I'll think I;ll pass that along ta Sabertooth
Hey there wolverine - stop over to the Jedi Temple and see me, I would love to me and have heard lots about you. :)
I would love to meet you....fortshingers...
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