Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Cassandra Nova's Back

AS you may have read from Chuck's blog Cassandra Nova is back. Could she be why Kurt seems to have forgotten the X-men? Or why I seemd to forget him? Or is this one another double?

I looks like we have ta let, Chuck an' Hank figure this one out. I hate waitn'. I want ta sink my claws inta Nova now! I wish the big bad would just go ahead an' show up already!

Hmmm Sounds like your up for some fun
Dealing with Cassandra is definitely going to be a team effort. She is a very powerful telepath. In fact, with your psionic defense training, you will no doubt be a very effective weapon against her, Wolverine.
Ah. Good ol' Logan. Always ready to rip something into shreds.

Effective? I will rip you apart, piece by piece, just as I did before!
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