Monday, April 10, 2006


Savin' an Elf

I was ridin' around in In NewYork, My new bike was was handlin' well. I drove past some thugs beatin' on some Mutant. I looked at their coats , Friends Of Humanity . I hate thos punks they had an Inhibitor collar on the poor mutie.

I lost it. I slashed through all thier little blasters. A few hit me but my Mutant Healin' Factor took care of that. They ran off like scared cats, after seein' I wasn't goin' down. Some o' them wet thier pants. I checked the other Mutant and he was still breathin'.

" Hey Bub! you okay?" I ask.

" Gutentaug, I an Kurt Wagner, but in the Circuis I was known As Nightcrawler."

" C'mon Elf. Get on the bike I know somone who helped me when I was nothin' more than a wild animal ragin' against the world . He can help you too."

" I am not an ' Elf.' I am Kurt...."

" I know get on I cut off the collar and he disappeard in a puff o' smoke with the smell o' brimstone. He reappeared on th' Bike . Why does he seem so familar?"

Thanks for the lift, Mincer!
smiles :)
Hmm, now this is curious. Do we have another Nightcrawler here or has something happened to Kurt's memory? Clearly Hank is going to have his hands full.
As if bragging isn't apart of your personality, runt.

Oh well. Good to see you alive and kicking. How're the Avengers?

You will be the first, after Charles, on my list to go my little furry, clawed, friend.
Yer welcome Kurt

Pantha (nods head)

chuck idunno

Angel Touche' bub!

Sentry 's crazier then I am evreyone else is fine.

Nova snikt!
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