Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Interrogation Logan style

Richards got me an' several X-men, ta the Kree empire. Once there I called in a favor. Y a see I saved captain Marvel form th' Super Skrull sometime back. We get there an, help Chuck defeat Gladiator , an his guardsmen.

After the' Battle which Chuck describes pretty well in his blog. Charlie want ta know where Corsair, hid some sapphire. Alright time fer me ta get tha' truth outta him. I put my claws in his face. Pop ' em in an' out a few times.

Then I ask " Where's th' jewel Bub? "

" I don't know what your talking about!"

" I smell yer lyin'." I put my claws pretty close to his eyes. " They say confession's good fer the soul, I think ya should listen to 'em."

" Scott ! Help get this Madman away from me."

Cyclops had his fingers in his ears and was lookin' away. " I slash at him cutting his moustache in half and leavin' a small nic on his face. Th' big bad pirate wet 'himself.

" Ok ! Ok ! I did have it, but Hepzibah stole it from me."

" Honor among thieves eh? " I sheathe my claws. " I think maybe ya give Xavier some ideas on where ta find her don't you?"

He starts babbling to the Chuck. " was that necessary?" asked Magdelena.

" Well ya know how Charlie hates ta pull thought outta people's minds. " sides where's th' fun in bein' gentle?"

" That's not what I meant Logan. I meant did you have to be so gentle with him , my skin still crawls from where that perv touched me."

" Heh Next time Ya get ta interrogate 'im Maggie."

" Deal."

I think he nedds more interogation

he is holding information back I know it
I tell you what, we'll bring Corsair along just in case. Who knows what valuable info he has.
great :) I will go get my hammer
hmmm I missed lobbing insults at you Logan
Maggie Heh! Hammer?

Chuck Fine

Vegeta why didn't Thor boy kill ya
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