Sunday, May 18, 2008


the lady in scarlet

I was walkin'well sort O' runnin' to get Scott away from me my every instinct was to kill him after he cuddled me when I was knocked out. "Logan you have to believe me I thought you were Jean!"

“Yeah ya huggin' me again Bub!" I shout.

A female voice wit' a bit of an accent says, “So that is why you haven't called huh Logan?"

I already know from her smell its Wanda Maximoff. AKA the girl I dated When me an' Ana broke up, AKA the Scarlet Witch.

“Nah, it's what I caught you an' Quicksilver doin' that one day."

She started laughin' hard. “Ha! Just because my brother is a deviant does not mean I am. He tried to do something, but I did not let him in fact I turned him into M.O.D.O.K.'s love slave for a week after that. I was a little afraid it was something else, I understand why you had to avenge Ana's death but I was hoping you still did not have feelings for her."

My silence said a little too much I think. She put her hands on her hips. “Am I the 'rebound woman?’ “She glares.” It is okay to tell the truth, I will not transform you into anything."

“Truth is darlin' I'm still sortin' it out, but a should know I always had a thing fer redheads, and I woulda asked ya out sooner but ya were with the robot, then Wonderman fer whatever reason."

She rolls her eyes “Do not remind me he is not a Wonder if you get my drift. Fine Wolverine we will take it one day at a time."

The other X-men finally find us with Koma and Chroma. “What is Magneto's daughter doing here?" Chroma asks.

"Who is this person?" Wanda grunts.

“That’s the girl that kicked Logan in the in the baby maker!" Scott happily blurts out.

“She did what? You, you Toad!" Then Chroma became a little metal amphibian Koma began to shout until Wanda put her hand into a hex position.

“Well that is ah...if she apologizes will you turn her back?"

A little smile appears on Wanda's face and, and Chorma is back to normal. “I would suggest you keep your hands to yourself from now on 'Chroma'. Now that that's out of the way would you explain why the X-jet just blew up over New York?"

Storm brought Wanda up to date on the whole brain stealin' thing. Wanda then sat Indian style on the ground and when Cyclops laughs at her a bird start peckin' at his face.

Scarlet Witch screams. "I have found Xavier! Gather closer to me X-men!" Next thing we know this weird mist gathers around us, and then all of the sudden we're some where else.

tag at novy news
What is this vile witch? I do not like sorcery, it is a folley I say. Give me some good old fashioned space psychiatry any day.
Novy; great.

nemonock it does seem a lil' random.
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