Sunday, February 10, 2008


Movin' on.

Well ever since Ana has been decided to have do the horizonatal mambo wit' the Dark Night. I've been doin' what Rouge keeps callin' mopin' around and. So I decided tocall a frail fer a hook up ta make me feel a lil' better.

An' Wanda “Scarlet Witch " Maximoff was willin'. Maybe she was just glad ta be not with a robot, fer once or flamin' Wonder Man. Or worse Quicksilver "We've all heard those rumors not sure if they are true or not, Don't matter though she's still flamin' hot.

Though it's gonna be funny next time we X-men fight Magneto, and I let out this little tidbit. So I was feelin' pretty good . Didn't even mind Jean , And Storm blastin' each other at lunch. I go to watch TV. I laugh as Scott hits on a transvestite. Man now this TV show is flamin' comedy. When someone sneaks up behind I pop my claws and he yells “Holy knives from the knuckles! Batman! "

I stare fer a second. " Nightwing what the flamin' hell happened to ya bub?" he turned inta little kid strange.

“Um are you Wolverine?"

“Yeah you know that bub."

" I've never seen you before in my life mister My parner Batman said you wouldn't hurt me. " Well he's right there, after all the help he's given to Laura. " He wants to meet you somewhere neutral."

Probably wants ta rub it now that he stole my girl. “Yeah sure bub tell 'im I'll meet with him.”

The kid runs off and uses a teleporter to vanish. After givin' me the time and place O' the meet. Looks like I'm gonna make some Bat- Kebobs.

Logan.. Ana isn't cheating...

She works with Batman that is all
You've got to watch yourself around Wanda, Logan. Who knows how her mind might warp reality in a moment of ecstasy. You might end up with three heads or something.
Is it unusual for Scott to hit on trannies??
Danny: Yeah ya would lie fer her wouldn't ya.

Chuck: That would explain why I saw Thunderbird walkin' around the mansion the dead one.

Mr. Bennet: Not as much as he'd like.
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