Wednesday, May 14, 2008


dead again.

We were goin' to find Chuck along wit'Koma and franken Chuck. to get the Prof back from bein' a brain in a jar When the Flamin' X-jet blew up this happens way too often.

Next thing I know I'm in a field O' flowers and sunshine. Great I'm flamin' dead again. Wonder how long it'll last this time. I hear this haunting voice. " James yur lady is needin' yur help lad. "

I see a red head that looks like Jean I seatrch my memories. " Rose."

" Yes James, I am far past any pain, but Ana is not she is bein' used as a slave for Lady Death. You can save her James, you and the man wit'no identity, and no face. "

Next thing I know I see Ana bein' forced ta kill fer lady death, I run to her yellin' " I love ya." When I hear this man voice say "I love you too!"

I wake up with Scott huggin' me. " What the Flamin' hell are ya doin?" I yell pushing him off.

" Um ah nothing I must ... have been knocked out and thought you were Jean."

" Suuure." I get up outta And start sniffin' out the other X-men. Looks like we landed in New York City. I hope I find 'em soon Hell I don't care if I find Koma or his way to cutley named third rate Colossus girlfriend Chroma. Chroma and Koma? their names rhyme an evrething.

Because If I don't find someone soon I'm gonna kill Scott. In fact I may just do it on principle. At least this keeps my mind off what I saw in my near death experience. Oh great Scott's gettin' too close again looks like I gotta punch him.

Great an' now he's cryin'.I hope I find somebody or someone finds us, this is gettin' annoyin'.

Aw that was sweet how you two were cuddling like that. Tee hee hee.
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