Monday, May 05, 2008


Rishou goes ta throwdown city

I went to Kyoto with Batman, after knockin' some pesky ninjas around. He found the Question who was pointin' at a wall. “Ana! She's back!" I roll my eyes looks like the faceless wonder has finally went over the deep end. Then again Jean Grey comes back from the dead at least once a week.

I tear my way through the wall. I don't find Ana I find some Japanese guy rippin' inta Laura and yellin' "Why won't you die?"

I slash the bastard in his back and he bulks up all the sudden to Hulk like muscle. But he ain't as strong as the Hulk still he's damn strong as he tosses me through a table I slash Laura free and ad we both jump 'im when Bats yells “No Killing!"

He throws gadgets that stun the freak and then tries to stun him with nerve punches. That doesn't work and as he's knocked back he lands on his feet I elbow the freakin' billionaire, in the nose.

“Ya served yer purpose bub, now stay outta the way while I and Laura kill this bastard.” We both tore inta him but he's so Flamin' strong, that hit didn't exactly kill him just seemed ta piss 'im off. “You don't understand! If I kill the women I'll become a god!"

“Whatever psycho! Ya may be good but I'm the best!" He runs after the Question draggin' us both, the faceless weirdo takes out some kinda souped up gun and shoots a big hole in Rishou's chest I slash into the hole tryin' ta get to some organs. My claws end up stuck in the guys wound.

The guy falls out though the wall, and he crushes us through the street and we all fall into the sewer. The impact at the ground knocks us inta the dirty water Rishou slumps off bleedin' " Laura get up kid we're gonna finish him off."

But we find 'im with his head slashed off and the cut looks a Katanas had done it if I didn't know better, I'd said it was Shi that did And Question was sayin' that too but he kept sayin' he saw her and she was right there. Yup he's flipped.

"Dad do ya think it's possible?" Laura asks.

“Nah. The faceless guy is just crazy. He probably sees ghosts everywhere." Now That' Ana's avenged I can move on the weird dude was gonna die any way I'll just say I softened him up fer whoever took 'im down. Ya know I shoulda just went fer the sex and not get emotionally involved well live an' learn.

I just get settled back at the X-mansion when I find Captain Koma and some chick in a buggy car. And it turns out the chick is some kinda Colossus clone great first they clone a girl version O' me now Petey? What the flamin' hell! Whatever Koma and, and Petey wit' a uterus have done somethin' ta Chuck and they're gonna pay.

So you think I'm a clone of that Russian pedophile.

Thats it little man your getting hurt a lot.
Lo----ga---n---- sla---v--e--- of----

Choma: yeah but ya could only hurt me wit' a cheap a shot.

Shi: Darlin'?

Chuck: Well there was a problem gettin' to ya.
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