Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Chasin' The Destroyer

I was drivin my bike after the Destroyer Armor.

Iceman, and Rouge weren't with me for some reasonI found it havin' some kind O' Rampage In the Middle O' New York. I pop my claws and get ready to attack when I notice he's fightin'' the Vegeta that wears red, y'know the guy whom claims he's behind the Civil War?

His skanky Version O' Bulma was blastin' the Armor with some kind O' Weapons. Naked Fer some reason. An' Mystique was runnin' from the scene in some other shape. I have no idea what they were doin' there wit' the Destroyer, but I do know This couldn't happen to two nicer people. I think I'm gonna sit back and watch this beatin' that these two psychos have comin'.
Maybe while they're fightin' out, I'll figger out a way to put all O' em down fer good

Always a good strategy. Let your enemies finish each other off.
I wouldn't be as beat as bad as he was.
Beep... Logan it is Carol again.. Please call
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