Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The bad guy behind it all.

Parker had left me without directions to the wharehouse I found it eventually. I woulda found it sooner, but After he left me in the dust I called Wonderman, and told him That Spider-man wanted to hang out with him.

He screeched like a flamin' schoolgirl. Apparently no one wants to be around Simon Williams I wonder why. After that I tell the loser , if he plays his cards right he may have a shot at Mary Jane. Yeah this'll probably end in May Parker beatin' 'im up.

I get there not able to to contain my laughin'Any way the fight starts with the loser Spider-men. I take down the one that poisioned me though I didn't kill the punk.

PArker and me took down a couple O' others. The we ask the Scientist who was makin' the losers who paid 'im Well Parker did I was gettin' close to a
Bezerker Rage.

It's been a stressful last few days fer the ol' Canuckle Head what can I say? The geek finally coughed up his employer, Wilson Fisk The Kingpin. So Spider-man swings to Stark Tower while I drive my bike.

We get to his office , and he's got two costume jockeys wit' him Tombstone, and Electro.

" Why did yer guy stab me wit that venom barb tubbo?" I growl.

He just arrogantly looks at me like I was nothin'. " You were just at the right place , at the wrong time Mutant."

" Aw if you missed me Kingie " Jokes Spider-man " You didn't have to make a whole bunch of lame ripoffs of me . You could have called or written."

Kingpin crushes his desk. " You've humilated me, mad me look weak in front of the other crimelords for the last time Spider-Man."

" Temper temper." Parker just never stops. " your liable to bust a blood vessal, or have to redcocrate your entire building."

" Kill them." the fatman orders to his goons. PSpidey keeps jumpin' over the pale freak Tombstone's fists. Meanwhile while I'm goin' fer Fisk. Electro zaps me I start gon fer him but the shocks start fryin' my insides .

I drop to my knees from the pain, then I start crawlin' towards 'im.

" Yeah!" He rants "I'm gonna get my rep back! I'm going to be the man that killed Wolverine!"

This one of the times metal bones are not a good thing. All the electricity is conductin' through the adamntium. Outta deperation I claw the floor beth me until it gives way.

I let my self fall int the hole, and catch a rafter on the way down . O' course the sttogee puts his head in the hole expectin' me to have fallen.all the way down. I grab 'im an' toss 'im in a fish Tank.

His powewrs an' water don't mix well, so goes out like a light. I crawl outta the floor, and charge fat boy.

" You think me an easy target huh midget? Well I'll show you I'm no push over." He grabs me faster than one would think he could an' he start squeezin'.

" Why are your bones not cracking?" he shouts.

" Ever hear of adamantium Bub?" I grin. I break his grip

" How " he whines.

" I've fought the Hulk big boy, Ya maybe big but ya ain't The Hulk."

He pulls a gun an' shoots me I go into a bezerker rage, And when the red haze subsides The fat man is all slashed up. But he's still alive. I'm about to remedy that when a web catches me .

" I thought you were busy." I snort.

" What tall pale and gruesome? " He smirks under that mask I know it." He was easy enough to beat." I hear police sirens in the distance, I ain't got enough time to fight Spider-man then waste the Kingpin before they get here.

I also don't wanna fight the NYpd, or play twent questions So I cut my losses an' go.

The next day. A kletter comes To Professor Xavie's office it's a subpeona. The king Wilson Fisk is suing him, and Wolverine , for assault and Mental anguish. The Professor just shakes his head.

The moment I got home I went into a healin' coma. I wake up about twelve hours later, The Beast Jumps up to me As I get outta my room lookin' fer Cornflakes and coffee.

" Logan Have you seen Laura yet?" he asks.

" No why?" I ask.

"Sabertooth mauled her.She almost didn't survive.but her healing factor saved her."

I push Hank outta the way. After visitin her for hours I finally leave to rest an let her Healin' Factor fix ' er up Creed's Gonna pay fer this!"

Hello Laura
oh Logan....
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