Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Wolverine and Spider-man team up begins.

Note: This happens before the November 14th edition Of TX : New Model.

I went with Carol to talk about. This whole kid thing. I still don't smell any pregnancy pheremones, but why would Carol lie? I think it's just I don't wanna smell 'em or somethin'.

Any way she gets all pissed off cause I ain't gonna marry her, she rips out the door O' the Truck I borrowed from Ice man . That's what ya get fer that damned DVD there Drake.

Very funny. When I get there I find Peter Parker, talkin' To Nick Fury.

" Here about the fake Spider-man too Logan?" Asks Nick " I hear you had a run in with it. That it poisoned you."

" Yeah I don't know what it was but It took a while fer the Ol'Mutant healing Factor to fight it off."

Parker looks rather grim" I have enough trouble with people trusting me, thanks to Jameson and his editorials I don't need some psycho running around killing, people dressed like me."

Fury interrupts" I just hope no one's making Spider Clones again." I see Parker shiver at that thought. " The kid here's been telling me That other Spidermen have been popping up, each one with more power than the last."

" Whatever. " I growl. "When I catch the guy, I'm gonna make Spider-Kabob."

" Slow down there short stuff." Quips Peter. " I want to find out where these posers are coming from, so at least wait until we find that out before you skewer him."

" Well You two seem to have this pretty much handled." Says Fury call SHIELD if you need us."

Now that don't sound like Nick at all. He's usually nosin' his way inta evreything we do. I better check my self for trackin' devices after I leave here. Spider- Man's sense thing will tell 'im if he's got anything stuck on him.

It looks like it's a team up. Look Out Ya fake we're comin' fer ya. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Aw, what a cute little baby. And it looks like I can almost stand touching it. How sweet.
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