Sunday, November 05, 2006


My Time At the Civil War Party.

Well Me and Ana Go to the party late. She modeled her dress And well just wanted ta get it off 'er.

I'm mindin' my business, stayin away from Veg head outta respect fer Spider-man since he don't want any fightin' at the party. I'm drinkin' a beer, when Carol comes up.

" Logan I have something to tell you ...."

" Look darlin'" I answer. " What happened to between us was a mistake. I was drugged by this damned fake Spider-man . I didn't know what I was doin.' "

" I'm pregnant." she states simply. She shows me the papers. Oh Hell. Funny though she don't smell like she's gotta kid, Maybe it's too soon. I go over to get me a beer This ain't what I wanted to hear today , or ever.

When I get to the Beer I find Josh Foley an' Kon-El.

" What are ya kids doin'? That stuff ain't fer ya."

Elixir backs off but that damned cocky S kid. Just grins at me. " Who's gonna stop us from drinkin' it short stuff you?"

Stupid kid. He was actin' better than this before he died, Now he's bein' a complete jerk. Looks like I'll have to give him an attitude adjustment. I pop the claws just to put a scare in him.

He grabs my hand faster them I can see. When did this kid get superspeed? Next thing I know I'm thrown in a trash can. He crushes it around me. Damned boy. When I get outta this He's gonna get it.

As I'm strugglin ta get get my claws into a position, where I can use'em. ta slash out. I hear a very familiar voice.

" Well Bub That's where ya belong." I look out through a hole in the can. Sabertooth.

" Oh don't get up on my account there Logan. Or should I be callin' ya James these days? It don't matter none. You'll be just as dead, no matter what ya call yerself. But first I'm gonna rip up them Frails of yers. I heard from across the room yer gonna be a Daddy Ya know I can't allow that now don't ya." He starts laughin'

"Carol'd kick yer ass Creed!" Alright I'm finally startin ta get outta this stupid thing.

" Heh , When she's 9 or 8 months preggo? I doubt it. I'll just wait 'till then. In the mean time though, I'll take out those I missed Like X-23, The boy that weapon x's has been keepin' Then I think I'll gut That Shi chick , Maybe even her lil' protege friend too. Ya know The Cajun couldn;t stop me if he wanted too. Then finally when ya got no one left , then I'll finally take ya out. Later Logan, oh and Happy Birthday."

I break outta the can, and Creed is long gone. Dammit. He always does this. Like he did to Silver Fox. Any time I seem ta get any happiness he comes along and and destroys it. Not this time I'm gonna gut that slime ball.

On the way out Creed glares as Carol Danvers and points his claws at her,and Ana then makes a cutting motion at his throat.

I look around for Laura. I find her messin' around wit' some devil boy . " Hey Boy get away from her." At this moment I realize that dress she's wearin is way to revealin'. "

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" Who the Hell told ya that dress was good Idea?" I yell.

" Emma." She answers. Why ain't I surprised. It don't matter I'll deal wit' her after I deal with devil boy.

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