Sunday, November 19, 2006


Findin' this punk is harder than I thought.

After the weird meetin' at SHIELD HQ. Me an' Parker had no where to go In tour investigation. well except Parker makin' jokes about how I talk. Iafter all the time I known the guy he still thinks I'm dumb as a rock.

" Alright smart guy, Ya just keep yukkin' it up. I'll go to the local waterin' hole."

" This isn't the time to be drinking Logan." he chides me.

I puff a cigar. " Nah . Bub. Where I'm goin' all kinds O' low lifes hang out. I'm just gonna beat on'im a bit get some in for some info Maybe Ya should go get yer Spidey jammies eh?"

" Like you can talk with that yellow and Blue monstorsity you wear."

" Yeah . " I laugh. " Ya gotta admit though The brown one was pretty cool."

He had no answer fer that one. sow ego to this dive that I know pretty well. An' O' course all the lunatics attack Parker first. Ok So I asked him to wer the costume to distract evreyone. Eh I knew he was strong enough ta fight off these losers.

I took out some O' the stragglers. I find my favorit stoolie Sal. " Well Bub We meet again."

" Whwhat do you want Logan. " World Peace An' a new paintjob on my Motorcycle. But I'll settle fer ya tellin' me about some people that dress like my friend there."

" I dunno know anything about that Logan."


" Ok, Ok Some guy is paying a scientist from that whole Luthor evreyman project deal from a year back there workin' outta the Wein Claremont wahare house on the Wharf.

Well we gotta an idea where ta start. Hope parker ain't too sore Heheheh.

Pretty sneaky tactics, Logan. Using Spider-Man as target for your opponents to distract them. Heh heh.
be careful love...
you have a MMS....
Wolveine help me free Bulma from Vegeta's mind control! Together we can win !!!!!
Thanks Chuck

Ana Sure Darlin'

Warbird I'm glad it's a boy, but I'm gonna fight fer my rights.

Yamcha, Look bub I don't like vegeta, But I ain't gettin' involved with some stupid Scheme so some pathetic stalker can maybe get laid. Though what a fine piece like bulma ever saw in you is beyond me bub.
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