Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Another fight over

Well we got Magneto outta here. An' since Chuck's gone Storm has taken over th' X-men. Scott's been whinin.' About hw Chuck put 'im in charge, well that didn't work out so well so we all voted for Storm to be in charge.

A' course Cyke says" I hate you all! Sob!" he runs outta th' Waroom cryin.' So we Got all th' students in detention, an' I'm in charge a trainin' em in " survival ." Heh. I'll teach em ta Back up Magneto.

We rebuilt th' mansion , lucky for me I was wantin' ta see how Chuck did In Last Gladiator Standin' Th' best thing was him usin' Vegeta as a weapon. Ha!

Right when th' show ends I see Cyclops runnin' by. Dressed like this.

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I really hope the students or an X-man dressed him like that, I don't wanna think he' s wearin' that willingly

Poor Scott. Looks like he finally went over the deep end. I knew it was just a matter of time.
Top fighting Matt ... Logan what are you doing!
Bah! You got lucky.
Chuck : Yup

Shi No.

Magneto : We must get lucky an awful lot then.
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