Sunday, May 28, 2006


Busy day

I found this transporter in Dex's Diner that went to Hacknor. Yes I admit I'm the one that sent those two bimbos ta rub around on Vegeta. That was Flamin' funny. Do I care if him an' his Girl divorce? Please! no one else would want either one of those two.

Ana's all mad about my fling wit Carol Danvers. It's not like I've done anything wit' her in years. She's just a friend I've known from my CIA days, and a fellow super hero nothin' more. I heard about her gallery needin' better security, an' I applied under my birth name James Howlett.

I got th' job but there was one strange thing , I could' a sworn I smelt Bruce Banner there. Why would th' Hulk be there? Anyway , Pantha an' Storm and me ta Cyberdyne inc. Ta find out what robo skank an' Magneto want wit' their products.

Th' guy there said basically that th' last thing she stole, makes technology work ten times better. But it can't work without this interface thing . I have no doubt Mags, and his robot love toy, are gonna after the interface. An' they'll find th' X-men waitin' for 'em.

That's it keep laughing Logan, Lull yourself into a false sense of security. Keep saying " vegeta can,t top this one." Then when you least expect it, I shall have my revenge,
just a friend?

:) well, it may have been years but I am sure after a few minutes you will start to remember our special friendship

still like to sleep on the left side?
Man, Wolverine has more girlfriends than he knows what to do with! You are so cool!!

Uh, maybe you could, like, introduce me or something. That Warbird is a major babe.
Logan, you certainly know a lot of ladies.
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