Wednesday, May 17, 2006



Well I got done with the students who went with Magneto. One asked me why I was so rough. " Ya think I'm rough boy that ain't half of what Magneto woulda done to ya. Ya see he only wanted you as an army, ta destroy the human race. Earth's heroes would'a treated ya a lot worse than I just did."

They let that sink in. Then one of them says. " Wouldn't be just as bad if we're X-men? "

" Fer one thing no sine th' Brotherhood only seems ta care for themselves Th' X-men watch out for each other. Another difference is here we don't make ya be an X-man if ya don't wanna be. Workin' Fer Mags ya only got one choice, be a soldier or be dead. I think ya've went through enough go see Hank for your finals. Then go have a good summer."

Well that was early this mornin' I go ta get myself some cornflakes when Scott comes up in that Flamin' dress 'a his and starts singing' " Pretty Pretty Dancing! " An starts dancin'

" Scott? What are ya doin?"

" Pretty Pretty dancing!"

" There ain't anything pretty about what yer doin. " I see Iceman walk by " I bet Bobby wants ta see you dance though. "

He chases down bobby who runs yellin' " No! Cyclops not again!"

I leave th' school ta see if I still have anything' with Ana. That idiot Goku pulled me outta her house with out even givin' me a chance ta tell her. An Puttin' th' school back together has taken days.

Also Storm is on a power trip, and I need a break. So I go to her a apartment an' freakin' Daredvil is there wit' Flowers and Candy. I let ' im know how I feel about that.

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We fight fer a while , Free Image Hosting -

I finally catch with a slash on his side. " No Stop fighting Matt!" Shi yells. " Fine if he's what ya want ya can have him." I say as I get back on my bike an' drive home. Everyone stay outta my way I am not inna good mood.

when have you ever been in a good mood?
no you know I didnt mean that

Poor old Daredevil didn't know what he was getting into. He's definitely out of his league.
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