Thursday, May 25, 2006


Just what I don't need.

That Elixir kid is kinda annoyin' me.

He keeps followin' me around an' sayin' how cool I am . Evreytime I'm doin' something He she says it's cool no matter what I'm doin'. I don't see how eatin' Corn flakes is cool but ok whatever. It wasn't botherin'' me to much 'til Rouge said, " Looks like ya have another sidekick Logan."

Not again. Yeah I had a bad experience wit' a sidekick. Jubilee was always followin' me around. And sayin' how cool I was too. She even found her way inta my solo adventures. That wasn't so bad until I found pictures o' myself while I was sleepin' all over her room, She even had a flamin, Shrine of me. Before y ask no I didn't have anything to do with the fact th' fact she's vanished.

But I will admit I had her transferred ta th' Generation X team in Massachusetts. Well ok I had Chuck do it. But still she was Flamin' weird, an' I'm sure no X-man missed her.

another girl I see
*phone rings*

Logan Hi its Carol... I cant talk long I am not sure how long this line will be secure, but I have some information...
Last night a very powerful weapon was stole during a function.
Two people were killed

*sending fax and onliine files* This is copies of a report photos and video feed from Security cameras in the vault where the weapon was. The person you see appears to be Lt Col McNeil, but if you watch closely he places the weapon in his stomach... My superiors at first thought he was a mutant but they then found him dead, mutilated, pictures and report are with the fax... They still think its some sort of shapeshifting Mutant.

A red head was also murdered/mutilated pictures and the report are with fax too... We still dont know the connnection with her, She seemed to be really a nobody.

Now here is the reason I am calling you, the laser that was stole as well as the Skynet, all created by Cyberdine... so was this weapon...
Also security cameras caught the same man and woman in the main hall.. Claim to be a Mr and Mrs Dr. Erik Magnus Lehnsherr
As for the weapon all I know it was powerful... Cyberdine has been pretty tight lipped and wont devulge any info on it, Skynet or the laser

If you plan on visiting Cyberdine then stop by my place, I am sure you remember where I live...

I will help you relax the way I use to
Ooh, a shrine to you. That's a great idea!
Logan, have you ever taken an anger-management course?
Shi One I ain't interested in.

Carol Thanks fer th' info

Elixir That's creepy

CAptian Picard yes i have And I got angry an' wecked th' place.
so cyberdyne tommorrow
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