Tuesday, May 30, 2006


New X-man Maybe?

While tryin' ta keep Carol offa me, someone I haven't seen in a long time came knockin' on th' door. Vampirella. She used ta be around th' mansion all the time, when she dated Chuck. I guess maybe I shoulda told Chuck I smelt the smell of Vegeta's kid on her, but knowin' Chuck he knew before I did.

She brought this big guy along, She said he was like her brother. He called himself Kodiak. " Hey bub!"I say ta him. " So yer another Feral eh? Ya gotta healin factor too?"

" Yes but mine makes me immune to other mutant's powers after they use them on me. "

" Interestin'." I say. The truth is we need more man power 'round here. Most of The X-men are gone, after 'Ro's little power trip. An' Kurt has went who knows where. If th' Professor was here or some other telepath we could find the Brotherhood, with Cerebra.

Don't matter though, If nothin' else , This just gave me an excuse ta get way from Carol. I Went ta the Place that robbed the black diamonds an' I caught a scent, Creed. I follow his trail an' find th' freak an' his buddies.

He smells me an attacks. " So th' boy comes after his Daddy Eh?" said Creed.

" Ya ain't my Daddy Bub! That was a Weapon X memory implant."

" I know Logan but it kept ya off your game didn't it?" He said slashin'' my chest.

" Nah Vic, I was jest tryin' ta get ya close enough ta do this." I say slashin at his guts, then I poked his eyes out wit' the other set set'o claws. He should be fine ,a after a couple a' hours. I Was about ta do some more damage, So ta overtax his healin' factor when I'm attacked by Toad, Avalanche an' Pyro.

But it looked like Kodiak tracked me. He shows up Knockin' Toad through a wall. Storm blasts Pyro wit' a snow storm. While Pantha bites Avalanche, before he can use his Earth movin' powers.

After we round up th' Brotherhood, We look fer th' Black Diamonds, we only find one. I guess th' others were givin ta Magneto an' his love doll already. I don't know what it is but there's somthin' off about th Black diamond, like it's drawin' me to it or somethin'.

hmmm Vampi is right those are Drakulon diamonds
Actually your right. I did know the baby wasn't mine, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise.
I bet Magneto's love doll is made of aluminium.
are we gonna take that murderous savage trash scum suckin swine sabretoth back to the holdin sell in the mansion? if we are i want ta interagate em.
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