Sunday, May 07, 2006


Not him!

Me an' Shi get a note in Japanese , Ta get ta Central Park we fight a few members a' the Hand after we beat those pajama wearin' losers. I 'm about ta say ta SHi that can't be it when she stabs me .

" Ha! I can't believe the skills I have taught you have degraded so far, Gajin. "

" What are ya talkin' about darlin'? "

" I am not your woman Animal! But she will be the prefect vessal for my vengence!"

Then I remembered that voice. It was my old Sensei, Ogun. He possesed her!

... trying to fight him...
Now that is a disturbing thought. Imagine of the two of you had actually hit it off and we starting to make out - and then it turns out SHI's possessed by a creepy old guy. Actually on second thought, don't imagine it.
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