Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Pirate scum!

Flamin Pirates! Used a damn magnet on me! We hunted them down to Tantooine. Some planet where th' local commodity seems ta be sand and heat. With a helpin' a stench. We find the pirates ship .

I let my anger out on th' magnet. Crushin' th' thing. We find th' homin' beacon Magdelna had on 'er on her armor on th' ship. Lucky we got a mind reader an' a tracker on th' team.

So we find'em pretty quick. They were gonna sale Maggie ta this giant slug like thing called Slobbo th' Hutt. I jump on this creep an' make 'im Sushi th' Hutt. The other X-men take
His guards down pretty quick.

Corsair's pirate buddies, hightail outta there. Maggie grabs Corsair, and tangles 'im up in her chains. I pop my claws in his face an' say"Give me an excuse Bub!" Rouge takes th' sapphire from 'im.

Chuck says " I'm not taking any chances." an' makes Scott's Dad think he's a six year old girl. I ain't kiddin' Maggie even braided his hair. I could hear Cyke sayin' " I'm going to need therapy after this."

Now we're back in th' ship goin' ta the Shi'ar empire. Which Wouldn't be so bad if Corsair wasn't sayin' " I got to go potty." evrey five minutes.

uh-oh... what are you up to now?
Scott meant - "I'm going to need more therapy after this. ;-)
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