Thursday, May 18, 2006


Savin Shi

After coolin' down I go ta see Shi. I helped out her Protege' get some new investors. As ya can read in her blog I track her down an' find her injured with all these losers around her. I pop my claws.

All those ninjas look at me th' look in my eyes and run off, wimps. I pick 'er up.

I decide right off her place is too dangerous. So I take 'er to th Mansion. I was only one for a few hours an' I findTh' Place went inta chaos. All th' X-men were gone th studnets were runnin' around un supervised.

I get 'em all calmed down ny poppin' th' claws. they all sat silently as I tried ta figure out wahat ta do here. The Finals are done , so I call Chuck an' ask him If I can just send 'em home for th' summer.

He can't believ evrethin' has went to Hell without him in a few days. he said he'd get back ta me on tha students. Damn! Looks like Me and Ana will have ta stay at Avengers Tower fer a while.

where am I
I'm gone for just a few days and the whole school has fallen apart. That's what I get for leaving Scott in charge.
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