Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Sentinel destroying time.

Kurt told me about some guy who had dated Pantha before him , and how he feared that he would come back into her life " I say simply " Kick his ass." Some Big Lummox decides to start a bar brawl hear on the News from the bar TV that Sentinels were attacking the city. So I punch Ogre guys teeth out and head for the battle.

I join the rest of the X-men, and I use th' term loosely. It was Kurt, Me Pantha Storm, Cyke Peter, An a bunch O' students. One Kid named Santo that, kinda looked like Ben Grimm picked me up and threw me at a sentinel. " Alright Fastball special!" I wasn't ready for that and here's the result .

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Lucky fer me I got my Healin' factor. An before I fell down I cut Storm outta the robots hand. That Elixer kid. Tries to heal me an I say, Use your power for someone that needs it Bub!

I see Scott Cryin in an alley. I heard Pantha slapped him before and he was ready a fight, I guess I heard wrong. I run up ta him an' do a trick I seen Goku perform by tearin' off his glasses an' pointing him at the Robots.

Finally he said. " Ok Logan stop that! I'm fine now. He said right before a thunderbolt hit him. Luckily Elixer healed him. This girl named Dust asked me if she can help.

" What can ya do? " I ask.

" I can become a sandstorm."

" Then yes ya can help."

She tears a one a' those tin cans apart easily. I run up ta colossus an' we perform a real Fastball Special wit' me cuttin' off a Sentinel's head. Finally we took out all of 'em. I wonder why they were attackin' humans?

you know I like that fast ball special
Yeah, heh heh, fastball specials are cool.
hmmm and who is this woman, this airforce girl?
Man, that was sooo cool! You are like totally the number one X-Man of all time and I got to see you do the Fast Ball Special in combat. Awesome!
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