Sunday, May 21, 2006


Something's up with Kurt.

Th' nightmares, are coming back. I remember everything Weapon X put me through. I guess One o' these days I'll have to explain ta Ana Why I pop my claws and scream during the night. Since Storm had her little power trip everyone left. But since she's gone, some a' the X-men are comin' back.

Kurt came in today when I was trainin' in the dangerroom.

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Ana watched us for a while she said she was gettin' better and ready for revenge. I think she may be jumpin the gun a bit she, doesn't heal like me. I can tell Somethin's wrong with Kurt. So we go to a local Westchester bar.

"So Kurt what's up?" I ask.

I am just going to walk over to the juke box
hey logan... look alive...
you trying to get us killed?
So all hell is breaking loose and you're pausing for a beer? It's time to kick some Sentinel booty. Logan!
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