Monday, May 01, 2006


somethin's up with this Palpatine guy

I met some girl at th' Jedi Temple. She said she was the Governess O' the Temple But the Muppet Jedi an' th' rest were gone. Still can't believe he won Th' Amazin'' Mutant race 2 It was my Flamin' idea!

Any way apparently the girl knew of me. Who woulda thought someone would know about us this far form Earth. See offered me tea an' some cakes. I took her up on it an' we talked fer a while. That until some kid ran up an' put a straw up his nose.

While she was tryin' ta get the thing outta his nostril, Chuck called me in my mind. We had ta leave. After spendin' tha night in a Hotel All the' X-men went ta see this Palpatine guy. Maggie passed out, Chuck Got Cyclops ta take her out of th' room.

The smell of this guy was horrible, he was pure evil. It was so bad I almost went inta a bezerker rage. " Why is this little fellow growling at me?" He said . " Steady." said Chuck. " I want to see if he's going to pose a threat first."

What's Chuck talkin' about? This guy livin' is a threat. it takes all can muster not ta pop my claws on this guy I hope Charlie knows what he's doin'.

you sense it to
It seems so obvious to us and yet the Jedi, with all their alleged power, seem to have no clue. Weird.
Yeah it's weird.
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