Thursday, May 11, 2006


Takin' back th' school.

I hadn't heard from th' school in a few days. That maybe a blessin'as ya can read on Ana's blog Scott came in ta her apartment stinkin' drunk. he demanded I come back I laughed at him and he left with one a' Ana's Associates.

He apparently got Scott's number if ya believe that. Any way I was enjoyin' th' day until, Goku appears in Shi's house dressed like flamin'Superman.

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" Goku what are ya doin?"

" Didn't you hear? the school has been taken over by Magneto!" he yells almost too excitedly .

" Ok that explains why yer here, but not why your dressed like that."

" I just thought I could you know inspire evrey one. "

" Yeah inspire them to laugh at ya."

" Come on Wolvie! we gotta save the school!"

" Wait a minute at least let me tell Ana...." The Saiyain grabs me and
teleports me.

Later at Xavier's ....

We are confronted by Mags and a lot a' th' students.

" You and an idiot in the wrong clothes are going to to try to foil me?"

"Nah we got back up Bub. Old Magneto let me introduce ya to th' New Avengers."

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Lucky th' Sentry had one a his good days. Maggie threw me and Iron man into each other. Goku 'ported Sentry into his magnetic field. The two started beatin' on 'im like he was a drum then this Robot chick pops up.

She says " Idenify subject: Robert Reynolds The Sentry, Identify Subject: Son Goku neutralize."

She fires some kind ' a beam an' knocke them down. I see Super doofus start ta get up. I run towards 'im "Yo! Alien ! I go to words for ya!"

" Suck it?" he said stupidly.

" No you wrestlin' watchin loser! Turn blonde an' throw me at the robot babe it's a Fastball Special !"

He throws me through the robot, and it does a lot a' damage

Then Goku fires energy blasts at it.

I look over and see that Maggie seems ta be concerened about this tinker toy, then I notice I ain't stoppin'!I crash through the mansion an inta the kitchen. My fall is broken by pies.

I'm covered in this lemon merang stupid Goku! Well I gotta get back ta th' battle.

recovery in 5 4 3 2 1...
Logan, Logan, Logan . . don't you ever learn? You may have tremendous healing powers but you aren't immortal. As you shall see.
He's the best there is at what he does, Erik. And what he does is kick your ass.
Who should I root for? Oh well event though the Hulk is alwaya fighting Logan Magneto irritates me.
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