Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Tough choice

Ogun was My sensei sometime in th' early 1900's. Even before I knew how evil he was I knew there as somethin' off about him. He once was stabbed in front'a me. And acted like nothin' happened ta him.

Years later when I was in th' X-men he reappeared. He tried to make Kitty Pryde evil. I had ta kill 'im. He keeps returnin' as a ghost an' posseing people, or turnin' solid, an tryin' ta kill me. Now he's got control a'Shi.

I'm tryin' not ta kill her Ogun ain't makin' that easy. He's stabbin'me and kickin' th daylights outta me. My healin' factor Took care a' it jus' fine. " This is getting us no where, Animal !" says Shi/ Ogun.

" How about this? You stop running around and let me kill you or I kill the girl. "

Damn! He had me there. " Well well. Logan you know you have no choice don't you? Now kneel like the lowly creature you are!"

I did as Ogun said. " Logan No!" said Shi in her own voice. " I have no choice Darlin."

As soon as Th' demon possed girl raised her sword I pop one claw and slash her, the' wound was not deep enough ta kill. But it surprised Ogun, and angered Shi enough fer her ta drive him outta her body wit those qi powers a' hers.

As I watched Ogun's spirit vaporise . Shi hit me in th' back a' the head with th' butt a' her sword.

" You could have killed me Logan!"

"Nah, I know how ta slash. witout killin' if I want."

If not fer her makeup I think her face would 've been red wit' how angry she was.

" Why didn't you tell me you could speak Japenese?"

" Ya never asked."

" Your impossibe!" she said as she stormed off. Heh I think she's mad thet she thought she could talk ta people about me an' not have me understand. I wonder if I should tell her I lived in Japan fer a few years. Nah Not with her bein' this mad.

first you hurt me now.... you are what? moving in?
You can cut the tension with an adamantium claw.
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