Friday, May 05, 2006



Well I messed up. And cost Chuck ten grand at a charity auction. Looks like I need ta' call Landu Luckman an' Lake ta pay him back. After yelliin' at me Chuck said he was goin' on a reality show with Magdelena.

An' Scott's in charge. I just laughed at him when he said I was goin' in a timeout . Then he says " No dessert for you mister!"

"Oh no!Bub! Not that! I ain't 8 years old ! I'm gonna watch some tv."

Since then th' students have put Cyke in th' dumpster three times now. , uh make that four, and Iceman just sealed 'im in it. Then he yells" Party!" During th' party a giant cake is wheeled in th' delivery man says it's fer me .

Then the ugliest stripper jumps outta it. Here's 'er pic.

An here's my reaction

I know of only one person sick enough ta think that's funny. Vegeta. An sure enough A tape recording in th' cake says " Enjoy my gift rodent! mwhahahahahahahahahaha! "

So a' course everyone that wasn't sick left th' mansion ' cept Deadpool. He was actin' like a kid in a candy store. " Hey Wolvie! This is great where ya goin? "

" Th' Hellfire club ta get that image outta my head." I Point at th' Bea Arthur look alike.

hmmm...I thought you went for older women...

Who picked the entertainment, Deadpool?
it was 50 thousand not 10
And now you gave her the painting?! Money doesn't grow on trees you know! I mean the paper it's printed on does, but then there's a whole process to turn it into money.
Canadian money is 100% cotton-- which grows on a shrub (ha!). That's why when you leave money in your pocket and it goes thorugh the washing machine it isn't ruined.

Isn't it like that in the States as well?
I haven't actually tried to make any money in quite awhile. My last attempt involved a Xerox machine and did not end well.
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