Saturday, September 16, 2006


Time to party.

After Me an' Cap's team tried the direct approach, to gettin' Ana out. Veg Brain's son Trunks had come up wit' a great idea. He made an LMD That looked like Shi. He's been Makin' it appear different places . Just ta stick it , to those Shield boys. Now we're takin' her to Vampirella's party.

The only problem wit' that is they wanna have the Shi bot all over me . So here I am standin, With this hunk 'a circuits all over me. And I know Some O' the people know the truth I feel like Flamin' Magneto, 'cept I ain't Liken' it. Then Scott runs Up and I lasted ten Minutes Logan ! Ten Minutes Boo yah!

I have no idea what he's talkin. About and don't wanna know . What's worse is the thing is programmed to respond like a very jealous woman so any time someone talks ta me it growls or says somethin' rude. This gettin' embarrisin,. Not that I had much time ta talk to the real Shi. Some geeky reporter won't leave her alone. Free Image Hosting -

Wait a second , That guy smells familiar, Clark Kent Is Superman?

" Hey evreyone! The Kon man is in da House! "
Free Image Hosting -
Nevermind Clone boy is what I smelled.

Welcome to the club, adamantium boy. Once you go synth, you'll never go back.
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Yeah Mags except fer one thing I didn't enjoy it.
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